The rules changed again, so we can stay open until 11 pm. We’ll start with Friday and Saturdays, and see how it goes from there.

We’re still limited to 50% capacity, everyone must wear facemasks, and everyone needs a reservation. You can make a reservation at the door if we have room. People with reservations get priority. The games and pool table are open, with some small rules to keep us all safer.

We open at 11 for lunch weekdays, and 9 on the weekends for BREAKFAST! We close at 10 pm daily. You can still get take-out, too. Please check Willie’s website or our Facebook Page for details and daily specials.

Thank you to everyone for continuing to support us throughout this pandemic.

Tim and Barbi


Our new menus are out!

Check the new menus out on the Menus page.

Get our delicious food by using Willie’s Online Ordering or by calling 651-400-0121.